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j0405002.jpgSo what’s the deal with flies? I mean – what’s their function exactly? 

Just to give you some background – I hate flies.  I know, I know – we all hate flies.  But I really hate them.  I may even take a small amount of sadistic pleaure in ridding them from the planet (nothing clinical -but definetly not normal). 

Come summer, my fly swatter and my water bottle are my constant companions.  I keep the swatter near because I literally cannot have a fly in the house.  Once I’ve become cognizant of one, I become the hunter.  I stalk. 

I move slowly (so not to disturb the “nemesis”), and I creep my way to it’s resting spot.  I raise my swatter in the air (all the while calculating the speed and force with which I should employ in order to sucessfully kill this pest), and in one swoop I bring my hand down and… miss spectacularily. 

Nemesis takes off, and I stand perfectly still – only shifting my eyes to track the its movements – waiting for it to land in another opportune spot.  It goes on for hours.  I’m crippled until the fly is dead.  I can’t think, I can’t sit still (for fear that it will come buzzing by my ear – THE WORST OFFENCE), my whole day is in shambles. 

But now I’ve become philosophical about this…You really out to know your enemy before going into battle.  So here we are – what is a flies occupation?  (more…)


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Impulse theory…

j0406537.jpgHave you ever wondered how supermarkets decide what products should be displayed around the checkout counters to entice us into that one last impluse purchase? 

 There’s the staples: gum, hard candy, chips, gossip magazines.  Those seem pretty straight forward to me.   But the other day as I was standing in line, I took a closer look at some of the other items on display. 

My observations; dog chew toys, pencils, beef jerky, tampons

Very strange combinations of things – and I thought to myself, “why these things?”. 

  • Did someone do a survey? 
  • Did they find out that when standing in line,  people are more likely to buy these things? 
  • Is there a science to the impulse purchase?  

It’s bizzare…but oddly enough, my dogs needed a squeaky ball, my seven year old is constantly in need of a pencil, I love cured meat, and it was that time of the month.  c’est la vie.

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