The Write Stuff

You will find here samplings of my short stories (mostly mystery fiction), my thoughts about writing, and inevitably, my struggles with it.  I love to write – it’s theraputic, and on the whole, I encourage it.  You can journal and write for your posterity, or you can write beautiful poetry, and bear your soul in prose.  Whatever form it takes, whether good or bad, WRITE! – because everyone has something to say, and there will always be people willing to listen.


Do It Yourself-ers

j04020691.jpgSo I’m completely obsessed with DIY projects, and as I was Stumbling today, I came across this nifty little site that shows you 100 Things you can make yourself.  I’m going to start with the gingerale. 

Impulse theory…

j0406537.jpgHave you ever wondered how supermarkets decide what products should be displayed around the checkout counters to entice us into that one last impluse purchase? 

 There’s the staples: gum, hard candy, chips, gossip magazines.  Those seem pretty straight forward to me.   But the other day as I was standing in line, I took a closer look at some of the other items on display. 

My observations; dog chew toys, pencils, beef jerky, tampons

Very strange combinations of things – and I thought to myself, “why these things?”. 

  • Did someone do a survey? 
  • Did they find out that when standing in line,  people are more likely to buy these things? 
  • Is there a science to the impulse purchase?  

It’s bizzare…but oddly enough, my dogs needed a squeaky ball, my seven year old is constantly in need of a pencil, I love cured meat, and it was that time of the month.  c’est la vie.